The best Marketing practices for business owners to stay ahead of competitors in Nigeria.

Marketing) practices for business owners

Are you a business owner, Marketer, or advertising agent? are you looking for the best ways to promote your business in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) of Nigeria? But don’t know the right channel to follow? Well, today is your lucky day as I will be taking you step by step on how to promote your business to meet the targeted and right audience and potential customers.

The best promotional (Marketing) practices for business owners to stay ahead of competitors in Abuja, Nigeria.

As a business owner, you don’t have too much time on your side to worry about marketing much, you probably will be busy with so many other things, either in production or meeting with investors.

With all your energy channeled towards business development and all other departments of your company, marketing often time falls under the to-do list.

Businesses in Abuja Nigeria.

With an overview of some statistics gathered online, we can say that over 25,356 (Twenty-Five Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty-Six) Businesses are operating or have their office location in Abuja Nigeria (The ones that put their profiles online though, either through personal websites or social media platforms.).

These businesses form the Agricultural sectors, retails, real estate, finance, fashion, telecoms among others.

The statistics above show Abuja to be a prosperous state, with numerous possibilities, if you are reading this as a business owner, it also means heavy competition.

Let me give you an instance: Let’s say you have a retail shop, like a supermarket. In Abuja, retail stores are the most dominant and have higher competition, which means your customers have lots of options to choose from, whenever your business shit in bed at any point in time.

The only way for your business to often time stay ahead of its competitors is by following the right channels, using the right tools, and making the right connections.

All businesses, whether big or small depends on marketing tools to succeed (to get attention from potential customers) not only just to create a buzz, but with the right marketing tools I will unveil below, you will find the right marketing strategy to use in promoting your business and increase your positive business visibility.

Right Marketing Tools to Promote Your Business in Abuja?

Create A Website.

I know what you are thinking right now, you are probably thinking, why in the name of God do you need a website, when you have lots of Social Media Networks to handle all of your online presence for you?

Why Does Your Business Needs a website?

We are in the 21st century, we are in the digital age where you just have to tap your phone to get information and everything you need, if you have a business and you don’t already have a website, then I can say that you are missing out lots of opportunities for your business growth. A website can be used as a great tool for all your business marketing strategies, look at a website as the heart of your business online presence, where customers or investors find information about you and your business. Your website has a far more extensive reach than any other form of advertising on the internet and off of the internet.

Online Advertisements You Can Use Website For

  1. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).
  2. Forum Advertisement (Nairaland, Stack Overflow, etc.).
  3. Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC) e.g., Google AdWords).
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  5. Offline Advertisement You Can Use Website For.
  6. Television Advertisement.
  7. Radio or Podcast Advertisements.
  8. Banners, Flyers, or Posters Advertisements.
  9. Business Cards

Social Media Marketing

We have seen so many changes in how people perceive social media in recent years, people are often scared away from associating with people online, find it hard to trust people online, but all that has changed now. These days clients can interact with businesses on the go without fear, although, starting social media promotions for your business can sometimes be intimidating, but not to worry as I will be given you the dos and don’t in social media marketing in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa.

Choose the right channel for your business

What is crucial for your business success on social media is your ability to choose the right channel to meet your right audience, the number of social media sites or apps is all growing by the day, which means you have lots of options to choose from.

Having a media company that deals with video content mean you don’t have any choice but to look into promoting on YouTube through Google AdWords, Instagram and Facebook is also good but I will choose YouTube.

Furthermore, a company that deals in fashions should consider Instagram and Facebook. 

Schedule your posting time.

From the little knowledge I have from blogging I can say that scrambling to create posts at a die minute often leads to low valued content, for example, this post you are reading took me about 3 days to write, because I have to take my time to add more research to the little, I think I already know, to be able to give you the best article out of the box.

Post schedules can also be referred to as Social Media Content Calendar, creating these social media content calendars can help you in setting your goals and business strategies and will also help you in tracking your progress.

Don’t Buy Social Media Accounts or Followers

I have friends that will promise you 10,000 followers in a day, not that it won't work, it will, but those kinds of followers are either unreal followers or they are not going to be active followers.

What happens When You Buy Social Media Accounts?

Well, buying social media accounts is very risky most especially if you don’t know where the account is coming from or who was using the account beforehand, this might be a stolen account, I am not sure any number of followers is worth your business reputation.

Don’t Sell Too hard.

One big issue I often see in businesses is over-promotion on social media sites, interaction matters, I once came across a social media rule that says ‘for every 6 posts you make on your social media handles, at most 1 should be a direct promotion’ 

What does this mean? 

The above rule is telling you that a customer can’t be buying your products each time you post or advertise a particular product on your channel,

It also means that you need to post about trending events in your environs, related or not related to your business, let your followers have fun (That is what social media is built for, socialize),

It means you don’t have to entirely ignore mentioning your brands once in a while, just be careful not to overpromote.

Other things to do to sell yourself (Business) on social media 

  • Encourage engagement – Share posts from other sources, comment on other people’s posts, like and interact, all these results in your business exposure.
  • Share video content – Video contents are BAE; people engage with videos that text and images these days.
  • Solve customers’ issues quickly – You seriously want to avoid replying to queries late on your social media inbox, reply quickly to earn customers’ trust.
  • Avoid no refund policy – You need to seriously avoid the no refund policy on your bio, it’s possible for a customer to like what you sell but you see that no refund policy intro? It turns people off.
  • Build your community – Instead of channeling your energy into getting lots of followers why don’t you build a community around the little targeted audience that is interested in what you sell, these kinds of people will interact with your business, like, share your content and above all, they are likely to become a potential customer.
  • Run Campaigns: This should be the last step you will be taking, after all your hard works it's time to promote your channel and posts to get more followers and more post engagements. I will be writing a whole article on how to run various social media advertisements in my future posts.

Build Network.

Networking is a very crucial thing to do in business promotion, it is one of the most overlooked parts of business promotion but it is key to the growth of your business/

How Do You Build Connection (Network)?

Don’t do everything for fun, I have been to some gardens and parks in Abuja just for fun with some of my homeboys, we got there, chill, have a fun, swim, and the rest, but guess what? We are building connections as we are doing all of these, we meet with new people at the parks, we interact with them, talk business, collect cards and share ideas. This strategy has landed me a direct Real Estate Website Development gig before.

I also remember arguing with some group of boys about who the richest man in Ebiraland Was (In case you don’t know what Ebiraland is; Ebiraland is a town in Kogi State, that is dominated by Ebira Speaking tribe in Nigeria), I was building awareness for my new Mobile Application and also trying to promote my Blog and Articles, I recently wrote an article on one of my blogs Ebira Online Media, I opened that app and showed them the article on who the richest man was, they love it and we're eager to know where I got the information from, I gave them the direction to check the app on Google Play Store and they did, if it were to be a product I just sold some product people.

Other Effective Ways of Promoting Business in Nigeria.

  1. Radio and television advertisements
  2. Billboard’s advertisements
  3. Handbills
  4. Forum Advertisements
  5. Word of mouth
  6. Business cards
  7. T-Shirt 
  8. Flyers
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Employing a marketer

Thanks for reading, please share this article if you like it, and please drop your comments below, ask questions and feel free to correct me.