15 Ways To Increase Your Website or Blog Traffic (Practical Guide)

It is easy to start a blog, what is hard is bringing people that is interested in what you share to read your blog, I have been blogging for sometimes now and i can't tell you that the hardest part of blogging isn't how to start the blog, or how to choose the topic to write about, but the hardest part is how to drive some good amount of traffic to the blog. 

So in this article I will be showing you the best 15 tactics to increase the traffic coming to your blog.

I wrote this article way back in 2018 when I was just trying my hands on how to drive traffic using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i am updating this article to meet up the trends, i have written this article for new and advance bloggers, digital marketers, site owners, those seeking to monetize their blogs and so on.

Note: I am not saying all these tactics will work for everyone but some of the points should be applicable and useful to your needs. 

I will be listing all my points below and I will be taking them 1 after the other for explanations.

Ways To Increase Your Website or Blog Traffic.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  2. Social Media

  3. Target Audience That Are Likely to Share

  4. Participate in Communities or Forums

  5. Install Analytics

  6. Conduct Keywords Research Before Writing

  7. Frequently Reference Your Old Posts and Others

  8. Participate in Social Sharing Forums Like Nairaland

  9. Guest Posting

  10. Design Your Site Greatly

  11. Drop Comments On Others Blog

  12. Answer and Ask Questions on Quora, Stack Overflow or AskFM

  13. Be consistent

  14. Abduct Email Marketing

  15. Run Campaigns

1. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

This is no news to all Bloggers and content creators that SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is Key as Search Engine is the best source of traffic on the internet, for your blog to show up on search queries it means you have quality information on that particular page showing.

In 2020 alone Google has started experiencing nothing less than 20 Billion searches on a daily basis from around the world. Imagine having lots of articles on your site that is Search Engine Optimized, Millions of visitors will be visiting your site organically.

I have seen a lot of bloggers shying away from this channel, not minding the fact that Search Engines are the best.

Taking advantage of what Google and other search engines have to offer in terms of answering users' query by bringing results from your site to the users screen, will have a big value to you and your brand.

To setup SEO on your blog is so easy and straightforward most especially if you are using Search Engine Optimized platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Google Blogspot. 

If you are using an advance platform like WordPress, it means you have access to amazing WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugins

Top WordPress SEO Plugins

  • RankMath

  • Yoast SEO

  • All in One SEO

  • Google Search Console


  • SEO Press etc.

2. Social Media

If you have read my article on the best promotional practices to stay ahead of your competitors in Nigeria, you will see that I wrote about social media power, how you can turn it into an instrument, how to turn it into a weapon of success to promote your business.
Since this post isn't about how to stay ahead of your competitors, rather it's about how to drive traffic to your Website or Blog.

How To get Traffic From Social Media

  • Create a Facebook Business Page - The very first thing to do is to create a Facebook page for your business (Website or Blog Linked Facebook Page).
  • Start Sharing Contents or writing Articles on Your Page - The next step is to start Sharing Contents related to your business or website topic on the page, note that if your niche is all about furniture, you should be posting about that same topic, though you will have to go off topics sometimes, just to stay relevant in your field, nobody want to keep on feeding on on 1 topic for so long. You should read this article where I throw more light on this particular topic.
  • Grow Your Audience - It's time for you to grow Your audience, the more people you serve the more engagement will increase on your social media handle, what that means is that, the more traffic you have on your site. So to increase or grow your audience, you need to pay to run ads.
  • Create a Group - You will be surprised at how much progress you are going to make, if you create a group on the topic of your blog or Website, let's just say your niche. A Typical example of this is a friend of, who is a hairdresser, when she approached me on how to take her hairdressing business to the next level, we came to a conclusion to start a hair dressing group on Facebook, the success story is that the group has grown from 2 initial members to 5million members over the years. She had to employ people that will be posting on the group on her behalf.
  • Join Groups As Your Page - When you join Groups on Facebook as your page; whenever you are making any post or commenting on any topics, it will reflect what you do. Just be careful not to overdo things and avoid sharing too much links on groups.

3. Target Audience that are likely to share your Contents.

After strategizing on what to write about, who you are writing for, and how to write it. You have to consider if these people can help spread your ministry, what do I mean? I will give you an example of what I did when I wanted to start my blog (Ebira Online Media) I started joining Ebira People's Group on Facebook, I created a Facebook Page with my Blog Name, then I started sharing my blog links, even though I was only sharing my blog links, people were eager to come to my blog, comment, and share.
Some readers will naturally be more active or less active in speeding what you have written, but particular group of people, topics, content styles often play a vital roles than others on the internet.
You need some of the amazing remarkable facts that strike cords on your content whenever you are writing.
If you can identify a community that are highly interested in what you write about: then your chances of having and engaging audience that will share your Contents is very high.